About the project

I started the Fanray project in August 2017. At the time .NET Core 2.0 just came out, I wanted to learn it by building a blog. ASP.NET has become a wonderful framework suitable for building any type of web applications. I want my blog to be a starter kit for ASP.NET Core. I’m incorporating three popular styles of web apps into a single project: the traditional multi-page app, single-page app a.k.a. SPA, and the mix of the two some call Mini-SPA. ASP.NET Core MVC, Blazor and Razor Pages fall nicely in place for each use case.

I also want to jot down in “code format“ the things I’ve learned about software development like best practices, design patterns etc. I think putting all these in a working project would be more beneficial to myself and others. I’ve tried my best to keep things simple, code commented, methods tested, ideas documented, and the app’s usability up. I hope I’ve accomplished some of these. As we often say, this is a work in progress.

About the site

I use my own work, this site is powered by my blog and is running on Azure App Service. Here I mostly write about how I’m building the project, my design thoughts, the technical issues I encountered etc. I also write about things that happened and lessons learned in life. I suspect most visitors are here for the technical stuff, so I’m keeping the two subjects in separate categories. And, I’ve set the navigation menu link as well as the RSS feed on the Follow Me widget to my tech articles. But if you’re subscribing to my RSS feed and want to read everything, the main feed is still there.

In case you are curious about what fanray is? It’s a fish in the family of rays. I actually didn’t know that until recently, although I registered this domain a long time ago. Over the years, when an idea comes to mind, I like to think of a name and register a domain for it, thinking I will find time later to work on it. But most of the times, I never find time to work on my ideas, these unused domains end up expiring. This time around, I didn’t go crazy thinking up a name for my project, but rather I concentrated on creating something useful for myself and others. The fanray.com domain is the only one left, I named my project after it.

About me and my illnesses

My name is Ray Fan, I’m a software engineer living in Los Angeles. I’m currently battling serious spine issues. I experience constant pain from middle of my back all the way down to my hips and legs. I’ve had two surgeries in past, 2007 and 2019. Very regrettably the 2019 surgery was not successful, in fact it has ruined my health. By the end of 2019, the pain became overwhelming, I found myself not able to stay in any position for long, throughout the day I switch constantly from standing, lying, reclining positions to get by. My condition has also caused me great anxiety, my 40+ medications have caused very bad side effects in my organs, and I have gradually lost over 30lb.

I’m right now trying to seek help at UCLA, but that’s also been a rough challenge. The neurosurgeons there refused to see me because I had previous surgeries. I’m right now seeing Pain Management and East West Medicine doctors there for treatments. I’m also trying out all rehab methods I could find. So, if you or someone you know who experience similar back issues I’d love to hear from you about how you cope with the pain and got better. If you know any experienced and trustworthy spine doctors in the Los Angeles area, please DM me on twitter! Thank you! 🙏