Deploy to Azure

Microsoft Azure provides many options to host and deploy a web application, this document talks about hosting Fanray on Azure App Service and deploy using Visual Studio.


Go to Azure Portal and create the following resources.

  • At a minmum you need an Azure App Service with a SQL Database.
  • Blob Storage is not required, but I recommend it running in Production. You have a choice of storing uploaded images on File System or Blob Storage, by default appsettings.Production.json use Blob Storage.
  • Fanray logs to Application Insights in addition to log files in Production. Application Insights is a cheap yet powerful analytical tool, so I recommend it.

Connection Strings

After creating the resources, the connection strings should have been created for you. Go to your created App Service > Configuration, make sure the following are there, if not create them.

  • Under Application Settings section, your Application Insights Instrumentation Key APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY
  • Under Connection strings section, have defaultConnection point to your SQL Database, and BlobStorageConnectionString point to your Blob Storage.


There are many ways to deploy the app to Azure, GitHub, CI/CD pipeline, or you can do it from inside your Visual Studio. Right click on Fan.WebApp project > Publish.