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Preferred Domain and URL Redirect

Last time I set up Custom Domain and HTTPS for my Azure web app, there remains an issue - my website can be accessed from both the root domain fanray.com and the www.fanray.com subdomain. This is bad for SEO, we need to tell search engine which one we prefer, hence we have to decide on a Preferred Domain either www or non-www. The one you choose will be the one that will be used to index your site's pages and be used for your site in the search results.

Custom Domain and HTTPS for Azure Web App

When you create an Azure Web app, you are given an Azure website URL like mine fanray.azurewebsites.net, in this post I will show how to 1) use my custom domain fanray.com instead of fanray.azurewebsites.net and 2) buy an SSL certificate so my site URL can use HTTPS instead of HTTP.